Dragon Boating for Youth


Dragon boating involves 20 paddlers, 1 steersperson, 1 drummer, and 1 flag catcher. It requires collaboration- paddlers needs to strike the water and pull at the water as one in order for the boat to move forward. The steersperson needs to direct the boat forward, the drummer needs to help everyone keep pace, and the flag catcher needs to end the race.

I've come to love the sport for the team spirit it builds, and I hope to continue to row for causes I believe in with people I trust have the team's best interest in mind.

This time, I will race with Project: VISION, the organization I've been involved with for over 4 years. And this time, I'll race with a friend and coworker, Viktor. My favorite sport, the organization I love, and a team who has the best interest of youth in mind- these are the qualities that make for an unforgettable experience. The race will be on July 29th in Arlington Heights on Lake Arlington.

Could you support me in this endeavor? https://www.crowdrise.com/2017-pv-dragon-bo…/…/victoriang555 Project:VISION is a grassroots organization that provides 100% free services to youth. All of the people you see in the video are there because they're dedicated to Project:VISION in some way. They took a Sunday morning to practice for our upcoming race because they believe in Project:VISION's mission. I hope I can convince you as well.